General Information – Online Registration opens on 18 July 2018

13. July 2018

There are some innovations this year!


Dear SEPAWA Friends,

it’s finally here! The online registration for this year’s SEPAWA Congress opens in a few days’ time.

This year we have made a few changes, therefore we would ask you to kindly read the following information carefully.


Your SEPAWA Team


Online Registration – NEW

Badges in advance per email
Besides a simplified registration form, we offer you the possibility to register yourself online until the day before the congress commences.

No more long queues at the registration!
Because your badge will be sent to you beforehand so you can print it out at home and bring it to the event. Badgeholders and lanyards will be available on site.
That way, you won’t have to queue up at the event but can go straight in.

Look here for the various ticket prices and categories.

Please note:
Onsite registrations (bookings from 10 October 2018 will be charged with an extra €50.00 (3 Day Ticket) and €25.00 (Day Ticket).


After Event Group Reservation – NEW
As of this year, group reservations for the After Event are only bookable via a separate link. Reservations per email are no longer possible.

As soon as the reservation has been activated, you will receive a newsletter with the corresponding link, and on the website under the menu point “Registration”, a separate link will be activated.

Here you can make your reservation. Please note that this is only a reservation and not a booking. You will receive an acceptance or rejection note within 14 working days.
You are allowed to reserve a maximum of 5 tickets per order.

Please note:
We do not accept any reservations by email.


Exhibitor Registration – NEW
This year, each exhibitor receives a separate registration link per booth by email.
Under this link, you can modify and adapt your booth personnel until 3 October 2018.

After that, you will receive your badges per email.

You can then simply print these and bring them with you. Badge holders and lanyards will be available to you on site.
That way, you won’t have to queue up but can get started right away.

Every exhibitor is entitled to two free exhibitor tickets per booth.
Extra exhibitor tickets cannot be purchased. Should you need any extra tickets, you can book these via registration.

Exhibitor and After Event Tickets
After Event Tickets are not included in the exhibitor ticket. To reserve an After Event Ticket, you may use the After Event Group Reservation.
A maximum of 5 tickets are available per order.

Scientific Conference – Fragrance, Interview with Prof. Hanns Hatt

11. July 2018

Thursday, 11 October 2018 from 09:00 – 09:45 in Room 2
Smelling Beyond the Nose: Expression and Physiological Function of Extranasal Olfactory Receptors


For you personally, what is the most fascinating aspect in your research on smelling and tasting?

I was fascinated most by the breadth of the topic. I studied biology, chemistry and medicine, and all  these subjects are strongly connected to the effects of smell. Fragrances are chemical, functions are biological and the latest research has shown that fragrances also have an considerate medicinal significance and influence cellular reactions.


Professor Hatt, what significance does fragrance have for human life?

The olfactory cells in the nose are directly connected to the emotion and memory center in the brain and are safely stored there for a very long time. That way, fragrances are perfectly suited to transporting us back to the ancient past. For this reason, fragrances also play a central but mostly subconscious role in every decision we make daily as humans. This applies when we make purchasing decisions for products, but fragrances also help us decide whether we like or dislike another human being, even with the choice of partners. It is a huge list. In addition, there are the health aspects. Almost all human behavior can be affected by fragrance. No wonder they are increasingly used in marketing, psychology or medicine. Often we are influenced without even noticing it.


You said that loves goes through the nose. Could one presume that our entire consumer behavior goes through the nose?

Fragrances are connected and stored in our brain with the emotion that we had the moment we first became aware of the fragrance. This assessment applies to a product as well. As a matter of fact, „fragrance brands“ are used in almost all areas nowadays, practically everything is scented. Shoes, mobile phones, departments stores, hotels and many companies feature a brand perfume, the so-called „corporate scent“. Our consumer behavior is clearly determined by what we smell. This will also be the subject of my talk on the occasion oft he SEPAWA congress in October.


Do we smell through the nose?

We can only smell through the nose, however, the olfactory receptors of the nose can be found everywhere in our body as well. With the help of these „chemo rezeptors“ which are located in our organs and in the body tissue, the cellular functions are influenced. This has nothing to do with „smelling“ and works for people who have completely lost all sense of smell. A good example would be fragrance receptors in the skin cells that promote wound healing and skin regeneration. Even hair growth can be influenced by fragrances through stimulation of the fragrance receptors, be it for a better digestion or an increase or a decrease in the heart beat. Fragrances also trigger cellular reactions in the brain: calming, stimulating, concentration-enhancing etc.. All these are less to do with the subjective perceptions of smell but more the effects due to pharmacological reactions and as such, they always remain the same and are reproducible.


Is there such a thing as the smell that goes with a circumstance, a company, a place or an event?

Yes, every company wants to convey a message. This message can of course be emphasized by fragrances. If you want to emphasize modernity and freshness, you would probably use something citrus-based, whereas if you are going for a down-to-earth approach, you would more likely fall back on familiar notes such as earthy or lavender. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the University of Bochum, we created our own university fragrance which we named „knowledge“. It contains our research knowledge of the last 20 years. We have been able to show scientifically that certain fragrances cause our brain to make us more active, more able to concentrate, whereas others would have a calming and sleep-promoting effect.  In my view, this is the future: effective perfumes.


Could you create a Fragrance of SEPAWA?

Yes, sure. To do this, I would have to identify SEPAWA’s message and translate that into a fragrance. Perhaps in October we could sit down together and think what SEPAWA smells like


Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. med. habil. Hanns Hatt
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Zellphysiologie


Download Interview

Scientific Conference – Program Is Now Online

20. June 2018

Get the full picture!

Focused on ingredients and techniques, the annual SEPAWA Congress is the largest and most comprehensive b2b event for the Home- and Personal Care industry in Europe. With a total of 150 oral and poster presentations, all delegates have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview over the developments, innovations and new technologies in the formulation of Home and Personal Care products. On the Exhibition floor, over 260 companies display their ingredients and services. Visitors can discuss raw materials and formulation techniques, connect with their suppliers and find new business partners.

A special focus at this year`s SEPAWA Congress will be on fragrances. In the session “Fragrances: Science, Regulation and Market”, we will investigate how the reception of fragrances can influence our senses and even our health. Renowned speakers present the fragrance topics and are ready for discussion.

As a special feature and with the assistance of the HTW school Berlin, a Fragrance Fashion Show will take place in connection with the experience of fragrances specially created for this event on the evening of Wednesday 11 October 2018.

Mark your calendar and make sure that you do not miss this abundance of business opportunities!

If you formulate cosmetics, toiletries, detergents, cleaners or provide services and ingredients for any of these products, you should be in Berlin on October 10 – 12, 2018!


Your SEPAWA Team

Download Preliminary Program

Scientific Conference – Festival of the Senses

8. June 2018

The SEPAWA Congress 2018 in Berlin has an additional highlight!


This year, a special focus is on fragrances. Because perfumes play an important role in our well-being and in how we feel, fragrances are an important factor in the formulation of Personal and Home Care products as well. In the session “Fragrances: Science, Regulation and Market”, we will investigate how the reception of fragrances can influence our senses and even our health.


Renowned speakers present the follwing topics and are ready for discussion:

IFRA Standards – the fragrance industry’s self-regulatory approach by Dr. Matthias Vey, IFRA

The Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing regulations: challenges for the fragrance and flavor industries by Dr. Cecile Gonzales, IFRA

Smelling beyond the nose: Expression and physiological function of extranasal olfactory receptors by Prof. Dr. med. Habil. Hanns Hatt, Uni. Bochum

Allergen Labelling – Practical approach and background information by Dirk Beuster, DVRH

“Natural” and “Organic” in Cosmetics and Related Products and Ingredients by Prof. Dr. Wladyslaw S. Brud, Academy of Cosmetology and Health Care, Warsaw; Pollena-Aroma Ltd.


Your senses will be even more stimulated on the evening of Wednesday October 11, 2018. As a special feature and with the assistance of HTW school Berlin, a Fashion Show will take place in connection with the experience of fragrances specially created for this event. All attendants will receive perfumes which were created by the companies Düllberg, Drom and Frey & Lau and which will enhance the fashion style and inspire the senses.


Participants will feel the combination of the senses of eye, nose and ear.
Don`t miss out on this SEPAWA Fragrance highlight!

Forum for Innovations – Call for Papers

23. April 2018

Dear Friends of SEPAWA,

We invite you to submit your papers and posters to the Forum for Innovations at the SEPAWA Congress 2018.

As in previous years, the core areas are the same, but we have one new area of interest: Flavour & Fragrance.


  • Personal Care (KOS Sessions)
    Innovations on the subject of cosmetics and body care
  • Home Care (WPR Sessions)
    Innovative aspects from the fields of detergents and cleaners
  • Technology & Machinery
    Innovations and developments of processes and technologies
  • Flavour & Fragrance NEW
    Trends and creations in fragrances, essential oils and perfumery


The Forum for Innovations gives companies the chance to present themselves as well as their products to the visitors of the SEPAWA Congress. The focus here is mainly on innovations and new developments of ingredients, processes, active agents and much more.

The length of presentations including discussion panels should not exceed 15 minutes. You have the option to choose between giving your lecture in German or English. All presentations will be translated simultaneously.


We look forward to receiving your submissions by 06 June 2018 latest.


Your SEPAWA Team


-> Submit Your Abstract Now

The Sustaining Growth Continues!

11. April 2018

The annual SEPAWA Congress is the ground-breaking event for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfumery industry in Europe.
The mix of conference, exhibition and networking gives the congress a unique and unrivaled flair. An unparalleled basis for professional business.
And we continue to grow. With over 3,000 participants from 62 different countries in 2017, a new record was reached yet again! We look forward to even bigger things to come!
Once again this year we were able to further optimize the hall layout and create even more exhibition space. Therefore we now have booth spaces available again!


Seize the opportunity and don’t miss out on being there. Reserve your space at the exhibition today and write to us.

Have a look and find out for yourself!
See you in Berlin
from 10–12 October 2018!


12. February 2018

We would like to invite you to submit your scientific lectures for the SEPAWA Congress 2018.

The following topics focusing on cosmetics, body care, detergents and household cleaners and legislative, environment, consumer group have been selected:


  • Personal Care (CAT/DGK)
    “Cosmetics-Nature-Life-Environment: Biodegradability of formulations and packaging, resource-friendly production, sustainable raw materials, statutory regulations etc.”
  • Home Care (Detergents/ Household Cleaners)
    „Opportunities and challenges of the future”
  • Legislative, Environment, Consumer Group (LUV/HAD)
    „Sustainability and legal requirements in a world of change“


The Scientific Conference focuses on innovative and application-oriented findings and information.

Unlike the Forum for Innovations, the scientific conference gives the main attention to research aspects. For this reason, we would ask you to refrain from mentioning company, product and trade names.

The length of presentations including discussion panels should not exceed 30 minutes. You have the option to choose between giving your lecture in German or English. All presentations will be translated simultaneously.


We are looking forward to receiving your submissions by 23 March 2018 at the latest.

Your SEPAWA Team


Submit Abstract

SEPAWA Congress 2018 – Hotel Rooms Available Now!

1. September 2017

The SEPAWA Congress 2017 is just about to kick off on 18 – 20 October 2017.

Why not plan your participation in 2018?
The 2018 edition of the SEPAWA Congress will again take place from 10 – 12 October at the Estrel Congress and Exhibition Center in Berlin.

Hotel bookings for 2018 can be taken from 1 September 2017, 10:00 am.

Book Your Hotel Rooms Now!


Group Bookings

A maximum number of 5 hotel rooms can be booked through this link. If you wish to order more than these please send a separate email using the code “SEPAWA 2018” to:

Mail: or
Fax:    +49 30 6831 2345

Your SEPAWA Team

Exhibition – Booths Available Again!

4. July 2017

The SEPAWA Congress 2018 in Berlin is going to be the most comprehensive event of its kind worldwide. With 50 new exhibitors, a total of 350 suppliers to the Cosmetic & Detergents industry will showcase their products to the delegates.

In various sessions, over 105 speakers will present scientific and application-oriented papers to their audience. With over 3,000 expected participants, the SEPAWA Congress is the perfect forum to meet your peers.

Since the demand for booth space has been higher than the original floor plan yet again, more space for 30 stands has been allocated. Only 11 of these are still available. Take your unique chance now and be part of this top event for Home and Personal Care Ingredients. Book your booth today!

For full information for exhibitors and a conference program, see here on our congress website.


Your SEPAWA Team

SEPAWA e.V. – Innovation Awards 2017

16. June 2017

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

at the upcoming event, SEPAWA will again recognise outstanding innovations in the fields cosmetics, detergents/cleansers and perfume industries with three innovation awards.

Further details for application can be found here.
We would be happy if you participate in this competition.


Your SEPAWA Team

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