Keynote Address & Marketing Lecture

Every year, two renowned personalities from the fields of science, society, business, politics or sports are invited to give a Keynote Lecture and a Marketing Lecture.

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Antonia Rados

Turmoil in the Middle East – Consequences for Europe


Keynote Address, Thursday 11 October 2018 from 11:30 – 13:00 hrs at Convention Hall I

Even 2500 years ago, the Middle East – being the region between Europe and Asia – was the most important region in the world, according to the Greek historian Herodot. At the same time, he was fascinated by its great diversity.

Today, the region is in the limelight yet again, especially for Europe, its neighboring continent. Refugee flows, chaos and terror show how the Middle East and the entire world order up to now collapses before our very eyes. But a new order is already being created. Antonia Rados has known this important region for 3 decades. She has seen developments on site that hardly make the headlines.

She describes her impressions, analyses the situation and explains the role the Middle East has for the future of Europe.

Antonia Rados is one of the most popular foreign correspondents in German television. She has received international recognition and prestigious awards for her coverage on trouble spots all over the world, especially for her war reporting on the Iraq war in 2003.

Amongst others, she was awarded with the Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs Media Award for television journalism as well as the German Television Award. Her documentary „My friend Saddam“ of 2003 was given the principle Austrian Media Award „Romy”.

Antonia Rados studied political sciences in Paris and Salzburg as well as at the Johns Hopkins University for International Relations in Bologna. She began her career in journalism with the ORF (Austrian broadcasting company). Since 1978, she has been working as a foreign correspondent for several television networks and accompanied numerous missions as special correspondent.

Gerriet Danz

Utopia Creates Sales!
Success – Beyond 8/15


Marketing Lecture, Thursday 11 October 2018 from 14:15 – 15:15 hrs at Convention Hall I

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said, “Anyone who has visions should see a doctor.” Today, if you don’t have visions, you should see an undertaker: There’s no alternative to continuous innovation! Learn why business models must be regularly questioned, why market leaders are in danger of missing the train to the future and why brainstorming radical ideas is a must – and not just a nice option. Silicon Valley insider and innovation expert Gerriet Danz shows in his talk how you look beyond the currently possible and develop innovative business cases, that turn your industry upside down. By making intelligent use of technologies, the future of personal and home care provides businesses with opportunities to create value greater than we can imagine today.

Gerriet Danz has been one of the most recognized experts on innovation and creativity for over two decades. The lectures of this passionate lateral-thinker, multiple startup founder, and best-selling author (CAMPUS/Random House) are as inspiring and unusual as the mix of his experiences. He worked initially as creative director
of the international advertising agency BBDO, supporting global players in the development of innovations. His second career led to television: Gerriet Danz developed
new TV formats, and even moderated the knowledge game-show classic: JEOPARDY. Motivating, humorous, and practical, he describes in his appearances how companies can create the perfect innovation climate and overcome creativity barriers. “One of the best in his field!” writes Computer Week; “It’s hailing ideas…” says GQ. And Der Spiegel asked him, “…what really matters.” Gerriet Danz is a lecturer at the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin, advises the European Patent Office in The Hague,
among others, is a member of the German Speakers Association as well as of GSF Global Speakers Federation Toronto, and is a winner of the CONGA Award in the “Speakers & Coaches” category.

Topics & Personalities

Keynote Address

Every year, SEPAWA invites a renowned personality from the fields of science, society, business, politics or sports are invited to give a keynote lecture. In recent years, these were:

  • In 2017, Dr. Ulf Merbold took the delegates on a space flight with a critical view onto our blue planet Earth. Anyone who has ever had the privilege to see its beauty from space should make it their mission to preserve it.
  • 2016 Dr. Gregor Gysi gave an inspiring lecture on global consumption, its development and reduction and changes.
  • In the previous year, extreme mountaineer Thomas Huber was invited to talk about the „analogy between mountain and profession“.
  • In 2014 Prof. Dr. Gertrud Höhler, publicist and consultant, held a lecture titled „innovation starts with leadership“.
  • Brother Paulus, guardian of the Capuchin Convent „Liebfrauen“ in Frankfurt am Main was invited in 2013. In his lecture titled “Heart Detergent”, he explained how the Ten Commandments liberate the mind and pave the way for success.


Marketing Lecture

Within the framework of a marketing lecture, current issues of general interest are ompetently and realistically dealt with by internationally renowned experts. These can be for instance: motivation, innovation, diversity or the role of the internet in our society. In recent years, we had the privilege to welcome the following personalities:

  • Antoinette Anderegg not only illustrated impressively how our body language can be used for communication, but also what we unconsciously reveal about our feelings and intentions.
  • In 2016, blogger and internet expert Sascha Lobo, explored the topic surrounding the web and how it changes sour society. He focused especially on changes for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • In the year prior to that, Business Coach Anne M. Schüller was our guest. In her lecture, the audience learnt step by step about loyality marketing can bring lasting success to a business.
  • In 2014, Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump of the Institute for Occupation and Employability IBE, Ludwigshafen, gave a talk on the following topic: „The younger generation in an ageing society: Generation Y versus Generation Baby Boomer?“.
  • Dr. Michael Bartl, Hyve AG in Munich, talked in 2013 about the change in innovation models in a digital age.