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From a university research background, Lactips has been created in 2014. The society has a patented scientific and industrial expertise.
Lactips develops and produces disruptive “plastic free” thermoplastic pellets. Production capacity is near of 1,500 tons of material a year.
Lactips provide an alternative solution to oiled-based polymers by providing a water soluble material made of milk protein.
The material is 100% bio-based and fully biodegradable (certified ok home compost and ok biodegradable water by TUV).
Lactips’ material is convertible through all the plastics processes.
This 100% natural grade is transformed into film for unidoses wrapping allowing no more overdosing, washing at low temperature and multi-compartment design.
Currently sold on solid detergent market, Lactips is developing  formulation to wrap liquid.



Parc Métrotech Bat 6
42650 Saint Jean Bonnefonds