Laboratoires Expanscience*

Stand B382


Nature’s gifts are plentiful. Benefiting from its bounty means respecting and protecting it. This has been the guiding principle of Laboratoires Expanscience for more than fourty years.
We strive to highlight the noblest qualities of each plant and take into consideration the production environment as a whole. This policy is supported by our membership of the Union for Ethical BioTrade for promoting biodiversity and complying with fair trade regulations. As a result, our contribution to sustainable development was recognized as “exemplary” following several AFAQ 26000 assessments.

What sets us apart from other suppliers is our pharmaceutical culture: our rigorous approach guarantees the highest quality, safety and stability, and we constantly try to develop the most effective active ingredients of tomorrow.

Our philosophy “SCIENCE & CONSCIENCE, naturally®” is thus the perfect image of all these commitments.

With RAHN our partner for Germany, we will be glad to welcome you on stand B382 to give you details on our latest news.



Laboratoires Expanscience
10 Avenue de l’Arche
92400 Courbevoie