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SPECTRA RINSE ® DYES: Non-staining liquid dye products. They are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and highly Rinsable/Washable from skin and most fabrics.

SPECTRA RINSE® non-Ionic characteristics allow it to be compatible in Fabric Softeners and Liquid Laundry Detergents. Furthermore, it should be compatible with fragrances and preservatives and most cationic, anionic, and quaternary systems.

Our Patented product line is REACH Compliant and TSCA Listed. In addition, complies with EN71 Part 3 and 9.

About Us: Spectra Colors Corporation (SCC) is a Global Colorant Supplier with a line of products for almost all applications. SCC provides reliable service, strong technical support and specialty dyestuff, meeting strict, quality standards and Regulatory for various industries including: Water Treatment, Water Tracers, Inks, InkJet Inks, Coatings, Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, Paper, Wax, Household Products, Detergents, Car Wash Soaps, Pond Water Coloring, Candles and Wood Stains.



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