Klusenberg Rohstoffhandel GmbH

Stand B300


Klusenberg Rohstoffhandel GmbH is a sales specialist for raw materials in the cosmetic industry. With our partners our mission is to develop new application concepts and to improve existing concepts to follow for example the free from microplastic trend.

Daito Kasei Europe developed the CELLULOBEADS® range which provides with the different grades alternatives for peeling properties, texture and skin feel improvement up to high mattifying / ultra soft focus effects. All not in conflict with the marine pollution.

The same target Ronald Britton ltd. completed creating the Cosmetic Bio-Glitter® which is 100% biodegradable not using any plastic derivatives. The Cosmetic Bio-Glitter® offers the same precision cut and highly reflective properties as conventional based glitter.



Klusenberg Rohstoffhandel GmbH
Iltisstraße 139
50825 Köln



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