Center For Testmaterials B.V.

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Center For Testmaterials (CFT) is your one-stop-shop for detergent and machine performance testmaterials. We sell everything you need for testing laundry, dishwash or any other cleaning products: soiled testmaterials, (soiled) ballast load, standardized detergents and various types of equipment. Next to the widest range of soiled testmaterials we also offer products for testing secondary performance like pilling, colour care and whiteness retention. In addition we have the capability to offer cutting, sewing and testing services, like our ready-to-use multiswatch monitors.

Our products (and products from other testmaterial suppliers) are delivered all over the world, directly from our factory in The Netherlands.

CFT focuses on delivering a full service product, ready-to-use in your tests. Quality, fast delivery and clear communication are the main components of our business.



Center For Testmaterials B.V.
Stoomloggerweg 11
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