Stand B421


Alumina Company, established in 1978. projected for the capacity of 600.000 tons per year, in the beginning primarily oriented to metallurgical production, today with almost 40 years of experience is one of the leading manufacturers of different types of zeolites, sodium silicates, alumina and hydrates applicable in the industry of aluminum, cements, refractories, aluminum salts, in the production of powder and liquid detergents, molecular sieves, etc. With its main advantages such as symbiosis between the production processes, supply of some of the main inputs from the local mines, owning a power plant, internal storages, self-maintenance workshops, having a stable market as a result, Alumina became a fast growing company that currently exports over 95% of its products to the countries of EU, Middle East, Asia, Africa, USA, China etc.



Karakaj BB
75400 Zvornik
Bosnien und Herzegowina