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Company Entry Form – ChemSynergy GmbH (Stand Nr. 604)

ChemSynergy is a global supplier of basic Oleochemicals and Derivatives with focus on the Personal Care Industry, Household Products/Detergents as well as Industrial Applications.

ChemSynergy is operating as Distributor and Trading House of Basic Oleochemicals such as

o Fatty Acids

o Fatty Alcohols

o Fatty Amines

o Vegetable based Oils

For these Basic Oleochemicals we are the exclusive Sales & Marketing Partner of mainly Asian based principals.


Besides that ChemSynergy extended the production of oleochemical Derivatives and Secondary Surfactants for the last couple of years in Europe and India. The product range is already comprising the following categories:

o Special Esters (Sorbitan Esters, Glycerol Esters, Mono Alcohol Esters, Glycol Esters, PEG Esters)

o Nonionic Surfactants/Emulsifiers (Polysorbates, Castor Oil & Hydr. Castor Oil Ethoxylates, Fatty Acid Alkanolamides)

o Amphoteric Surfactants (CAPB, Dipropionates, Amphoacetates in the pipeline)


An additional product and market focus is directed towards

o Active Ingredients

o Antimicrobials

o Special Oils

applied in Personal Care and Cosmetics formulations.



ChemSynergy GmbH
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