Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitors register their staff through a separate exhibitor registration.

Exhibitor Tickets

Exhibitors receive two free exhibitor tickets per booth package. Additional exhibitor tickets cannot be purchased. Please book additional tickets through the regular registration.


These are valid for the duration of the SEPAWA Congress (23–25 October 2019), always 30 minutes before and after official opening times for visitors.

No exhibitor tickets are necessary during setup and dismantling.

Represented Companies

Represented Companies are not entitled to free exhibitor passes from the organizer.

Please Note:
Exhibitor tickets must be booked via a separate exhibitor registration.

Exhibitor Registration

The exhibitor registration will approx. open at the beginning of July 2019.

Free exhibitor tickets (2 per booth package) must be booked via a separate exhibitor registration.
This will be sent by newsletter to the appropriate contact person. Please make sure that you receive our newsletters. You can register by clicking on the following link. If you have already registered but have still not received the newsletters, please let us know by Email.

Who is a Stand Holder?

Stand Holders are companies/institutions which booked and paid the booth.

What is a represented company?

This company is represented by the Stand Holder at the exhibition booth by their products and/or services.