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Nearly 150 Years of Experience

The Seifensiederzeitung (the soap boiler journal) was founded in Leipzig in 1874 and published by H. Ziolkowsky Verlag für chemische Industrie in Augsburg in 1896. Based on these origins, a modern professional journal, the SOFW Journal, and all other communication platforms of SOFW (Verlag für chemische Industrie H. Ziolkowsky GmbH), for applied science in cosmetics, body care, deter-gents and fragrance industry has evolved today.

For almost 150 years now, the trade journal SOFW Journal has accompanied the develop-ments of the soap, detergent, perfume, body care and cosmetics industries in chemistry and technology and the careers of associations and societies. It is therefore the technical literature of this industry.

With the growing introduction of research into the cleaning and cosmetics industry, SOFW Journal increasingly published chemical-technical articles describing the practical application of science. Thus the journal became one of the most important sources of information for R&D. Today, the SOFW Journal with its 2 language versions is one of the most widely read and best-known specialist publications in the industry worldwide.


New raw materials and ingredients, biotechnological developments, compatibility, formulations, legislation, methods of testing, branch and market news.



Formulators, chemists, research and development, laboratory staff, marketing, management and students.

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Verlag für chemische Industrie H. Ziolkowsky GmbH
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At present the SOFW Journal is published in English and German. This ensures that all the information is available to all readers worldwide.


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