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AptidA specializes in performance services for cosmetic laboratories Our industry representations: Coptis Software solutions for cosmetic R&D laboratories • Coptis Lab: Integrated system for optimized formulation management and global regulatory compliance • Coptis Ingredients: Database with >16.000 cosmetic raw materials • Coptis Reg: Regulatory Data on substances >120 countries • Coptis Tox: Toxicology data on substances • Coptis Tab: Tablet App for the bench Helioscience Sun Technology: Assessment of the quality, safety and efficiency of sun protection products • Sun protection tests: – In vitro tests: SPF,UVA,CW, photostability, Blue Light, IR, Boots stars system, water resistance – Specific internal methods Helio2 / Helio+ for ZnO or water-soluble UV filters – In vivo tests: SPF, UVA, water-, sweat- or sand resistance – new: Hybrid method HDRS • PMMA plates COMPLIFE Testing & Consulting services for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and medical devices • Regulatory & Consulting • Pre-clinical Studies: In vitro safety & efficacy • Analytical Chemistry: on raw materials, packaging, bulk and finished products • Microbiology: According to methods (ISO, EU-Pharma, USP, PCPC…) or agreed techniques • Clinical Studies: In vivo safety & efficacy, Design of innovative study protocols



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