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Color is a branding and differentiation instrument, influencing consumer purchasing choices.
With Clariant’s competence in color we offer a broad product range of dyes, pigments and pigment preparations for a wide variety of color solutions for our customer’s needs to formulate products for home, fabric and personal care applications.

Our colorants are environmentally compatible, bearing internationally recognized eco-labels, and comply with international regulations and safety standards. They have been specially developed to enhance the performance of formulations, from domestic laundry detergents and fabric softeners to professional glass and hard surface cleaning products as well as shampoos, cosmetics and oral care products.

Our product ranges for your applications:

  • Sanolin™ water-soluble dyes with high tinting strength, outstanding transparency and luminosity, enabling bright, distinctive colors, even at low doses
  • Sanolin™ Lave Liquid non-staining dyes which are easy to rinse off skin, surfaces, fabrics or the inside of a washing machine.
  • Cosmenyl™ pigment preparations for liquid, paste or powder end applications of cosmetic products, toiletries as well as home care products, e.g. speckles for laundry powder detergents and tabs for automatic dishwashing detergents.
  • Licosperse® pigment preparations for the coloration of shoe and floor polish, fertilizers, herbicides, candles, wax crayons, solvent based industrial coatings.



Clariant Business Unit Pigments
Brüningstrasse 50
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