Meeting Rooms

More space, more meeting rooms. All in all, we have 30 meeting rooms in three different sizes and on different floors on offer. Learn more about your possibilities to meet your potential business partners in a private atmosphere.

Meet and Greet in a Relaxed Atmosphere

In your own private meeting room, you can talk directly with customers or business partners without concerning yourself with your competitors. We offer over 20 rooms of various sizes and price categories.


The following services are included in the price:

  • room rental for 3 days
  • standard furniture (table and chairs, depending on room size)
  • company logo on the room door
  • daily cleaning
  • air conditioning
  • WIFI access
  • assembly/dismantling of required seating


Indicated prices apply to the congress dates


€ 1,350*     for 30 m²

€ 1,500*     for 40 m²

€ 1,650*     for 50 m²

Other room prices and sizes on request.

*Prices plus VAT where applicable.


Nancy Snehotta

Tel.: +49 8281 79940-39

Email to Nancy


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Let's Meet

AB Enzymes Wing 2, Level 9, Room: 20929
Alcochem Minerals BV Wing 3, Level 4, Room: 30425
BASF Personal Care Wing 3, Level 6, Room: 30612
BASF SE Wing 3, Level 3, Room: 30341

Wing 3, Level 3, Room: 30310

Wing 3, Level 3, Room: 30312

Brenntag Holding Wing 1, Level 1, Room: Cannes
BTC Europe GmbH Wing 3, Level 6, Room: 30610
Cepsa Química Wing 1, Level 1, Room: Antibes
Clariant SE Wing 2, Level 10, Room: 21029
Cremer Oleo Wing 2, Level 8, Room: 20829
CRODA Wing 3, Level 6, Room: 30641
DOW Wing 3, Level 2, Room: 30241
Ecogreen Oleochemicals Wing 3, Level 4, Room: 30427
Enaspol Wing 2, Level 4, Room: 20429

Wing 2, Level 6, Room: 20629

Harke Chemicals Wing 1, Level 1, Room: St. Tropez
ICOF Europe GmbH Wing 2, Level 3, Room: 20329
IFF Wing 3, Level 5, Room: 30510

Wing 3, Level 5, Room: 30512

IMCD Deutschland Wing 3, Level 4, Room: 30412
INNOSPEC Wing 2, Level 5, Room: 20529
KLK Emmerich GmbH Wing 3, Level 2, Room: 30212
LANXESS Wing 2, Level 13, Room: 21329
Nouryon Wing 2, Level 1, Room: Straßburg
Novozymes A/S Wing 3, Level 5, Room: 30541

Wing 3, Level 6, Room: 30627

PCC Exol SA Wing 3, Level 6, Room: 30625
Provital SA Wing 1, Level 1, Room: Nizza
Ravago Chemicals Wing 2, Level 12, Room: 21229
Sasol Wing 2, Level 11, Room: 21129

Wing 3, Level 4, Room: 30441

Stockmeier Wing 3, Level 4, Room: 30410
Symrise Wing 3, Level 1, Room: Lyon
Univar Wing 2, Level 13, Room: 20729
WeylChem Wing 3, Level 2, Room: 30210

Ad-hoc Meetings Requested?

Hospitality Suites can be booked for half-day-periods as well.
Contact us!

Additional Equipment

You want to stand out from the crowd?

Additional furniture such as lounge furniture or technical equipment such as a beamer can easily be ordered through the Estrel.
Therefore, please use order form E1.

A standard supply of tables and chairs is included in the price.

The Estrel is at your disposal for any questions or comments you may have.

Maximize your corporate image with a suitable floral or other decorative arrangement.
The Estrel is happy to help you, just contact them via email and they will put together a choice of ideas for you.

There is a variety of snack and drink stations positioned throughout the exhibition grounds available to you and your customers.
In addition to this, all restaurants within the hotel can be used by you at all times.

Should you still wish to have your own individual catering in your meeting room you may book this (exclusively) via the Estrel order form E1.

It is prohibited to bring and sell foods and drinks during the event.


Please Note:

Any form of catering (drinks as well as foods) has to be low in odor and authorized by the organizer and operator.

Further guidelines for catering can be found in the Technical Guidelines on p. 20, point 4.4.