General Information

Whether it’s opening times or contact information you’re after – here, you will find some useful information to help you organize your booh presentation.

For Exhibitors

25 October Wednesday 08:00 – 18:00 hrs*
26 October Thursday 08:00 – 18:00 hrs*
27 October Friday 08:00 – 12:45 hrs*

Please Note:
Exhibitors are permitted to enter the Exhibition Area early.

*subject to change


The organizer is solely responsible for organizing and selling the booth packages.

You are welcome to contact us at:



Nancy Snehotta
Tel.: +49 8281 79940-39

Email to Nancy



Johanna Williams
Tel.: +1 301 728 27-24

Email to Johanna


Clancy Wang
Tel.: +86 10 644 328 75

Email to Clancy

Booth Builder

Our official booth builder is Gries Werbung. All booth packages will be set up and dismantled by them exclusively.

Technical questions relating to booth construction will be warmly answered by:


Gries Werbung
Im Schlangengarten 52b
76877 Offenbach/Queich



Damian Siedschlag
Tel.: +49 6348 982158-0

Email to Damian

*subject to change


Exhibitors receive two free exhibitor tickets per booth. Additional exhibitor tickets can be purchased trough the regular ticket registration.


These are valid for the duration of the SEPAWA® CONGRESS (25–27 October 2023), and allow early access to the exhibition area.

Represented Companies

Represented companies are not entitled to free exhibitor tickets from the organizer.





Please Note:
Exhibitor tickets must be booked via a separate exhibitor registration.
Go to exhibitor registration.


The booth will be handed over by the booth builder on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 14:00 (unfurnished) and at 16:00 (including furniture). At this point, the setup time will begin and ends at 20:00 hrs of the same day.

Please Note:
All booths must be completed and set up by this time. Packaging waste etc. must have been removed.


Dismantling period is Friday 27 October 2023, 13:00 hrs – 14:00 hrs (20:00 hrs for external booth builder). Any added products or materials must be removed.

Please Note:
Any items found within the booth area will be removed at the expense of the exhibitor.

Car Loading & Parking

A deposit of €100 is required for the loading and unloading of your vehicle at the Exhibition Hall (Convention Hall II), payable upon entering gate 1 (for vehicles up to 3.90 m height) or gate 2 (for jumbo trailers between 3.90m – 4.10m height).

The staying time is as follows:

Cars/Transporters = 1 hour
Trucks up to 20t = 1.5 hours
Trucks from 20t = 2 hours

If the loading time is met, you will receive back your deposit at gate 1 (vehicles up to 3.90 m height) or gate 2 (jumbo trailer between 3.90 m and 4.10, height) after exiting, Ziegrastraße.

The Estrel also offers parking facilities, chargeable at approx. €18/day.

For all loading, unloading and parking facilities, please refer to the enclosed site map.

Waste Management

Please dispose of your waste in the designated containers (see site map).