SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022 – Logistik

19. September 2022

Book your fright forwarder

Feel free to nominate any forwarding agent of your choice for the transportation of the exhibition goods to and from the exhibition grounds.
We recommend using the official distributor for the SEPAWA® CONGRESS. The provisioning of fork lift trucks and personnel is exclusively reserved to this forwarding agent.


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SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022 – Registration is open now

29. June 2022

Get your Tickets

The ticket prices and categories can be found on our website below the menu item “Registration“.
Members of the SEPAWA® e.V., DGK e.V. and GDCh e.V. need their membership number in order to receive the discounted prices.
Group reservations for the After Event are only bookable via a separate registration.

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SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022 – Booth Design & Equipment

21. June 2022

Finish your booth and boost your congress attendance. 

Product presentations, set-up and dismantling times, furniture and additional services…
All important information can now be found in the Exhibitor Manual and the Technical Guidelines.
Please don’t forget to complete your order of the booth type and the free furniture. If you want to order additional furniture or equipment please use the online shop of cubicworx.
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… Booth Design
… Booth Builder & Online Shop

SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022 – Sponsoring Options

28. April 2022

Sponsoring Opportunities

Draw attention to yourself! Use the sponsoring opportunities to highlight your company and products.
Check out our website or the sponsorship booklet and learn about the exciting offers. Also take a look at the new SPECIALS section. Here you will find attractive packages.

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Forum for Innovation 2022 – Call for Papers

13. April 2022


We invite you to submit your papers and posters to the Forum for Innovation at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022.

The Forum for Innovation gives exhibitors (and represented companies of exhibitors) the chance to present themselves as well as their products to the visitors of the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022. The focus here is mainly on innovations and new developments of ingredients, processes, active agents and much more.

Send your lecture and/or poster abstracts on the following topics:

  • Personal Care: Innovations on the Subject of Cosmetics and Body Care
  • Home Care: Innovative Aspects from the Field of Detergents and Cleaners
  • Sustainability: Sustainable Concepts for Home and Personal Care Formulations
  • Fragrance: Trends and Creations in Fragrances, Essential Oils and Perfumery
  • Packaging in Home and Personal Care
  • Other

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions by 31 May 2022 at the latest.
After this date the selection process begins.

Announcement of results: Mid-July 2022

For questions please contact M. Dettenrieder by E-Mail

Your SEPAWA® Organising Team

Submit your abstract now!


9. February 2022


the SEPAWA® CONGRESS is jointly organized by SEPAWA® e.V., the German Society of Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK e.V.) and the Division of Detergent Chemistry of the German Chemical Society (GDCh).
The SEPAWA® CONGRESS comprises the European Detergents Conference (EDC by GDCh), the DGP Conference and the Cosmetic Science Conference (CSC by DGK e.V.).

We would like to invite you to submit your scientific lecture and poster abstracts for the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022.
The following topics have been selected:

  • Fundamental Research: “Interface Interactions: Experiment & Modeling”
  • Fragrance: “Sustainability, Planet and Society: The Challenge of Eco-friendly Scents”
  • Home Care: “Sustainable Innovations for Detergents and Cleaners”
  • Sustainability: “Sustainability and Legal Requirements in a World of Change”
  • Personal Care: “Cosmetics 360 Degrees”
  • Packaging for Home and Personal Care

The common focus in all categories is sustainability, environmental friendliness and holistic approach. We also welcome contributions on regulatory changes. It is important that the contribution has a sound scientific basis.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions by 30 April 2022 at the latest.
After this date the selection process begins.

Your SEPAWA® Organising Team

Submit Abstract

SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 – Facts & Figures

20. January 2022

Some Facts & Figures

As we all know, Covid-19 once again forced us to forgo a live meeting. For the sake of everyone’s health and safety, the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 was also held purely virtually.

We really want to thank all of our exhibitors, visitors, sponsors and all the others who supported us.

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SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 – Visitor Manual

4. October 2021

Check out the new Visitor Manual!

The SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 registration is open and we have prepared a comprehensive manual for your participation.

Become familiar with all the communication options and get the best result out of your digital visit at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021.



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SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 – Registration open

2. September 2021

Book your Ticket now!

The SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 registration has opened!

To receive your visitor ticket, please follow this link:

You can find the ticket prices and categories on our website.


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SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 – Company Entry

13. July 2021

Enter your Company Entry now

The Company Entry is one of the most important tools for finding you on the SEPAWA® CONGRESS and for gathering information about your business. It will go online on the website and the virtual platform.

Register yourself and catch everyone’s attention.


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