Cooperation Partner

In order to present to you one of the most highest-value congress programs, we have been collaborating with various organizations.

DGK e.V.

2. Cosmetic Science Conference (CSC) of DGK e.V. together with SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022

At last! We are entering 2022 with great confidence and are determined to meet in person for the 2nd Cosmetic Science Conference at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS in Berlin, Germany, October 26-27, 2022. After almost 3 years, we are very much looking forward to meet again and have a live exchange with colleagues. The motto of the CSC is “Cosmetics 360 Degrees”. The aim is to showcase the development of cosmetic sciences in a “holistic” way (and around the focus on sustainability). Renowned speakers will provide the conference with a valuable setting for further education and expert discussions.

GDCh e.V.

German Chemical Society

The aim of the GDCh Division of Detergent Chemistry is to offer a forum for interested parties from industry, authorities, universities, institutes and the media to discuss all technological questions about detergents and cleaning agents in an open and constructive way. Particular attention is paid to science-oriented statements on the sustainable benefits for people in their environment.

A special concern of the division is the promotion of young scientists by awarding scholarships and awards (Division Award for special achievements in the field of detergents chemistry, subsidy awards for basic research, and poster prizes).

For its annual symposium, the European Detergents Conference (EDC), the division invites renowned experts from industry and academia, to present their most recent research results in the form of lectures and posters. During the EDC, both the prestigious Division Award and a number of poster prizes are presented.


Our Primarily Focus at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2023

In 2023, the focus of the EDC at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS will be on Polymers in Water – Quo vadis?”


The TEGEWA association – who we are and what we do

The TEGEWA Association represents more than 100 member companies based in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland – chemical producers which manufacture in the field of surfactants, textile, leather, paper and fur auxiliaries and colorants, complexing agents, antimicrobial agents, polymeric flocculants, cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical excipients and allied products. We thus represent an important actor of the supply chain for the cosmetic and the detergent industry, which meets regularly at the annual SEPAWA congresses.

The TEGEWA Association strengthens the companies’ international competitiveness by providing advice and assistance, a network and representation of interests. The name TEGEWA stands for companies that are frontrunners in the sense of sustainability: global market commitment and compliance, environmental responsibility and social engagement.


Our Primarily Focus at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2022

“Generic approach to risk management” and other shady elements of the Chemical strategy for sustainability

The European Commission’s conception of a „Chemical Strategy for sustainability“ will challenge, if not threaten the chemical industry and many of their supply-chains, as it abandons the well-known ground of successful chemical assessment and turns into a more fuzzy concept which contains many elements that are not based on science and facts. Abstract terms, for example „generic approach to risk management“, „essential use concept“ or „safe and sustainable-by-design“ provide space for gambling, excessive requests from NGO’s and expectations from service providers in regard to new business models that will add costs to the industrial production without any significant improvement for human health or the environment. A wave of regulations will come into force within the next years that will affect the producers of chemicals and their industrial and professional customers.

The presentation will offer an overview of the major elements of the strategy and provide examples that demonstrate how the members of TEGEWA anticipate this strategy and how they prepare for years to come.