Cooperation Partner

In order to present to you one of the most highest-value congress programs, we have been collaborating with various organizations.

DGK e.V.

1st Cosmetic Science Conference by DGK e.V. at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021

COVID-19 l continues to affect events in 2021. Since at this time we cannot predict with certainty the development of the pandemic, the vaccination status, or any hygiene regulations and participant restrictions in the autumn, and in view of the health of our visitors and participants and planning certainty, the board of DGK e.V. has decided to hold the Cosmetic Science Conference 2021, which is scheduled to take place alongside the SEPAWA® CONGRESS in October 13. -15.,2021, exclusively on a virtual basis.
We believe that this decision is in the interest of all participating companies and delegates.

This decision was made in close cooperation with the SEPAWA® Board, which also decided to organize the SEPAWA® CONGRESS virtually only.

The experience with a virtual event in connection with Forum Cosmeticum 2020 was very positive. The platform was consistently rated positively. In the meantime, the system has been continuously improved and provided with new functions.
The virtual event will still in its digital format contribute substantially to the exchange of ideas and lead to interaction of our members and congress delegates worldwide.

GDCh e.V.

German Chemical Society

The aim of the GDCh Division of Detergent Chemistry is to offer a forum for interested parties from industry, authorities, universities, institutes and the media to discuss all technological questions about detergents and cleaning agents in an open and constructive way. Particular attention is paid to science-oriented statements on the sustainable benefits for people in their environment.

A special concern of the division is the promotion of young scientists by awarding scholarships and awards (Division Award for special achievements in the field of detergents chemistry, subsidy awards for basic research, and poster prizes).

For its annual symposium, the European Detergents Conference (EDC), the division invites renowned experts from industry and academia, to present their most recent research results in the form of lectures and posters. During the EDC, both the prestigious Division Award and a number of poster prizes are presented.


Our Primarily Focus at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021

In 2021, the focus of the EDC at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS will be on “Polymers and surfactants in detergents and cleaning agents – effects, benefits, and applications”. We want to address the role of natural and synthetic additives in detergents and cleaning agents, both their production and modification, as well as aspects of sustainability and environmental impact.


The TEGEWA association – who we are and what we do

The TEGEWA Association represents more than 100 member companies based in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland – chemical producers which manufacture in the field of surfactants, textile, leather, paper and fur auxiliaries and colorants, complexing agents, antimicrobial agents, polymeric flocculants, cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical excipients and allied products. We thus represent an important actor of the supply chain for the cosmetic and the detergent industry, which meets regularly at the annual SEPAWA congresses.

The TEGEWA Association strengthens the companies’ international competitiveness by providing advice and assistance, a network and representation of interests. The name TEGEWA stands for companies that are frontrunners in the sense of sustainability: global market commitment and compliance, environmental responsibility and social engagement.


Our Primarily Focus at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021

Our presentation at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2021 will deal with the predicted requirements and regulative measures of the “EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability” to be considered by our member companies. After an overview providing the major cornerstones and the state of the art of the debate the assumed consequences for the supply-chains of the cosmetic and of the detergent industry will be outlined.