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Showdown in the Baroque City of Fulda

1. January 2017

The 63rd SEPAWA Congress was held in conjunction with the 12th European Detergents Conference (EDC) in Fulda. The number of participants increased this year to over 2516 from more than 42 countries. In the exhibition section, products and services were offered by 244 exhibitors.

The lecture program offered with a total of 38 lectures a broad range of comprehensive information covering issues on surfactants and detergents on a scientific basis with the 12th European Detergents Conference as well as on practical applications with the Sessions of Detergents and Cosmetics. The subject of sustainability of detergents was jointly presented by the German Chemists Society (GDCh/HAD) and the SEPAWA specialists Group Legislation, Environment and Consumer (LUV).

The cosmetic subjects with lectures about protection of skin and hair from negative environmental influences were presented together with the SEPAWA Specialist Group Cosmetic Applications and Technology (CAT) and the German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK). Themed “Perfume in Everyday Life”, the German Society of Perfumers (DGP) presented an interactive program for the value-added chain from fragrances over perfumes to consumer products.

In the SEPAWA Forum for Innovations, 68 short lectures were presented in the field of detergents and cosmetics.

The adjacent trade exhibition was highly frequented, and exhibitors enjoyed 2 1/2 busy days of client discussions. To be able to offer more exhibition space, the next SEPAWA Congress will take place in Berlin at the Estrel Congress Center. The exhibition area which is up to 50% bigger than originally has already almost been fully booked by the end of this year’s event.

SEPAWA Congress goes Berlin in 2017!

20. May 2016

SEPAWA Congress, the largest event for the detergent, cosmetics and personal care and fragrance industries in Europe, will move to Berlin as of 2017.

This year the SEPAWA Congress will complete 7 successful years in Fulda. The size of the exhibition and the number of attendants have grown to a level which makes it necessary to change to a larger venue.

“The SEPAWA Congress has now reached a size which compels us as organizers to react and offer the best possible conditions to our exhibitors and visitors. Therefore the SEPAWA’s executive board has decided to move the event from 2017 to the Estrel Hotel & Congress Center in Berlin. This new venue offers more than 1,000 hotel rooms, large and fully equipped exhibition halls, up-to-date conference facilities and many hospitality rooms. The unique selection of international restaurants and large catering areas in-house will make it possible to satisfy the growing number of participants in a short period of time.” says Klaus-Peter Wittern, SEPAWA’s 1st Chairman.

The SEPAWA Congress is visited by over 2,500 attendants and the Exhibition has grown to 234 exhibitors with a waiting list of interested companies. The venue in Berlin can satisfy all needs of visitors and exhibitors alike. The German capital is an attractive location with a multi-cultural population – the ideal place to host this prestigious event in the future.


The first SEPAWA Congress to be held in Berlin is from 18th – 20th October 2017.

The next SEPAWA Congress takes place in Fulda from 12th – 14th October 2016.


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