Additional Equipment & Service

Your trade fair appearance still lacks that certain something to top it off? Perhaps a brochure rack or a flower arrangement?

On this page you will find everything you need. It’s a promise.

A basic equipment of 1 high table and 2 bar stools or alternatively 1 table and 2 chairs is included in the booth package.

Should you need additional furniture or technical equipment like LCD screens for your booth, please do not hesitate to order this via the online shop.

The general lighting in the halls has a mid-range illumination level and doesn’t serve as illumination of booths and exhibits.

Each booth package includes 3 spotlights. Should you need further lighting elements, please book these via the online shop.

You would like to make your booth more attractive with the help of a few flowers or other decorative items?

The new booking system of the Estrel will give you a choice of ideas.

There is a variety of snack and drink stations positioned throughout the exhibition grounds. In addition, all restaurants within the hotel are at your service. Exhibitors’ lunch will be provided by natural light in Foyer 3.

However, snack, beverages and lunch coupons cannot be redeemed at the restaurants.

Should you still wish to have your own individual catering at your booth, you may book this (exclusively) via the Estrel booking system (EOS).


Please Note:

Any form of catering (drinks as well as foods) has to be low in odor and authorized by the organizer and operator.

You require an individual stand guarding service? No problem!

The Estrel offers you a variety of services. For more information go to the exhibitor booking system.


Please Note:

A stand guard can only be booked exclusively through the Estrel.

The exhibition ground will be guarded by the organizer. Liability is excluded.

At the time of handover, the booth is transferred to the exhibitor in a waste-free state. The exhibition hallways are cleaned on a daily basis. This does, however, not apply to the individual booth.

You are welcome to book an additional booth cleaning service offered by the Estrel. To do this, please go to the exhibitor booking system.

For any questions you may have, the Estrel is happy to help you (you will find contact information on the form).

Due to fire protection regulations, it is expressly prohibited to use the supply chute behind the stands as a warehouse.

To cover your storage needs for the duration of the event, we are offering storage facilities in the backstage areas (next to Convention Hall II) at a price of EUR 250 this year.

This includes a storage area of 1m² which is accessible shortly before, during and after regular opening hours.

This space is a collective storage area which is also accessible to other exhibitors. The room is supervised, and only exhibitors with a valid badge are granted access. However, the organizer is not liable for any damages.

Estrel - Webshop

Want to save time and trouble when ordering catering, stand cleaning etc.? We have the perfect solution for you!
The Estrel Webshop makes your work easier. No more tedious order forms to fill out.
You can order flowers, catering, IT services, staff, stand cleaning and additional electricity via the webshop.


Cubicworx created a new online shop to make your participation as convenient as possible.
You can order  counters, wall systems, carpets and much more via the onlineshop.