KLK Kolb

14. Juni 2018



With a long-lasting passion for design and manufacturing of non-ionic surfactants and two production sites, in Switzerland for specialties and in the Netherlands for commodities, KLK Kolb is the company of choice for long lasting partnerships in the home care, I&I, and personal care markets. We offer natural and synthetic fatty alcohol alkoxylates, fatty amine and fatty acids ethoxylates, and polysorbates. In our third, multi-purpose production site, in Delden, the Netherlands, we manufacture other specialty surfactants employed in household and I&I cleaning among other markets including alkoxylates, sulphates, sulphosuccinates, phosphates, and quats. Passion and innovation are at the core of our daily work and our state-of-the-art R&D department carries out timely and efficient development of novel and customized products.



KLK Kolb
Maienbrunnenstrasse 1
8908 Hedingen

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