Marz Gostar Persia Co. Ltd., (Rose Oil Iran) – NEU

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Our company has been established 1997 as a private entity specialized on the export of Persian Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena/Rose Otto), from mainly the Kashan and especially the Ghamsar region in Iran and becoming very soon a worldwide supplier of this precious natural Essential Oil.

We as the main Iranian exporter of Persian Rose Oil to Europe especially to UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Africa and also to Japan, are striving to be one of the key players of this industry.

Since 1997 we do supply renowned companies and always look for big and small buyers, be it wholesaler or final customers. We distinguish ourselves with consistent quality, availability, fast delivery and high customer service.

We aim to place the Persian Rose Oil as a very special and preferred oil among the different kinds of Rose Oils; a place it deserves but was not really emphasized on for long time.



Marz Gostar Persia Co. Ltd., (Rose Oil Iran)
Mirdamad Blvd., East Rudbar Ave.” No.27, Ground
1468145 I l, Tehran