PQ Silicas B.V.

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PQ Corporation – a Producer of Multifunctional Soluble Silicates and Zeolites for the Detergent Industry

PQ Corporation and is a global producer of specialty inorganic chemicals, catalysts and engineered glass products. The broad range of environmentally friendly performance products serves a large variety of industries, including detergents, high way safety, pulp and paper, petroleum processing and food and beverages.

PQ Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of silicate and zeolite builders to the detergent industry.

The broad range of soluble silicates consists of the Metso range of metasilicates and the Britesil range of powdered and granular hydrous silicates.

The Doucil detergent zeolite range consists of the traditional Zeolite 4A and Zeolite MAP with a unique crystal structure.

In addition, PQ Corporation offers a broad variety of liquid sodium and potassium silicates.

Soluble silicates and Zeolites are completely inorganic and recognized as non-pollutant. Risk assessments have concluded that soluble silicates and zeolites are safe for environment and consumers.



PQ Corporation
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