Programm – It’s all about Fragrance, Interview with Dr. Edison Diaz

26. July 2018


DGP Fragrance Fashion Show and Fragrance Lounge


It’s all about Fragrance


The German Society of Perfumers (DGP) in the SEPAWA consists of perfumers and other experts in the fragrance industry. Our aim is the promotion of scientific and innovative activities in the field of perfumery and to impart the subject of fragrance as an emotional-aesthetical element to the general public.


Smells trigger a wealth of emotions and memories in people. They evoke individually specific and memorable experiences. That is precisely what we want to achieve with the Fragrance Fashion Show and  Fragrance Lounge. We want to touch the visitors emotionally and offer a broader understanding of the world of perfumery as part of the congress. After all, fragrances signify quality of life and provide everyday life a sensory diversity. In addition, the scent is usually key in choosing a personal care or household product. In addition, the scent is usually part and parcel when it comes to choosing a care or household product.


This year, the DGP has organized a special highlight for the SEPAWA Congress. A Fashion Show with a scentscents specially created for the respective outfits will address all the senses. Selected spokespeople from the fragrance section talk about current topics in the fragrance industry, and a panel discussion invites those interested to an in-depth dialogue. We would be delighted if the SEPAWA Congress’s expanded program within the field of fragrances were to persuade further companies and experts and encourage active DGP members to strengthen a creative exchange of ideas within the think tank. Visit us in our DGP Fragrance Lounge at the SEPAWA Congress 2018!


Dr. Edison Diaz, President DGP

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