Keynote Address & Marketing Lecture

Every year, two renowned personalities from the fields of science, society, business, politics or sports are invited to give a Keynote Lecture and a Marketing Lecture.

Keynote Speaker 2017

Ulf Merbold5

Ulf Merbold

Science in Space – Impressions for Earth and Climate


Keynote Address, Thursday 19 October 2017 from 11:30 – 13:00 hrs at Convention Hall I

Dr. Ulf Merbold is a physicist and a former astronaut. He took part in 1983 in the maiden voyage of the European Space Lab and together with his five colleagues absolved a number of experiments on board. His second voyage into space took place nine years later on board the space shuttle Discovery.  In 1994, as crew member on spaceship Sojus TM-20, Merbold took off to space for the third time and was ESA’s (European Space Agency) first astronaut to visit the Russian space station Mir. Merbold was the only German to have been in space three times. In the mid-1990s, he was put in charge of the astronauts‘ department of the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne. Today, Ulf Merbold acts as an advisor to the ESA. In his lecture, he reports on science in space. He recently said in an interview that one of the most important tasks of mankind in the 21st century should be a manned flight to Mars.


Antoinette Anderegg

Body Language – Non-Verbal Indicators of Illusion


Marketing Lecture, Thursday 19 October 2017 from 14:30 – 15:30 hrs at Convention Hall I

Our body language subtly shows our emotions, expectations and our intended actions. The way we dress can be understood as a communication signal. In her lecture, Antoinette Anderegg shows how we can interpret non-verbal signals and put them to use in our daily lives, be it in a team, during a sale or in negotiations. Antoinette Anderegg initially studied arts. After spending some time abroad, namely the USA, South America and Australia, she studied communication psychology and physical expression. She also learnt from a mime and a communication researcher how to interpret the so-called micro expressions which are very brief facial expressions, lasting only a fraction of a second. Ms. Anderegg is the owner of apriori image & communication, who are consultants to large corporations, SMEs and private individuals.

Topics & Personalities

Keynote Address

Every year, SEPAWA invites a renowned personality from the fields of science, society, business, politics or sports are invited to give a keynote lecture. In recent years, these were:

  • 2016 Dr. Gregor Gysi gave an inspiring lecture on global consumption, its development and reduction and changes.
  • In the previous year, extreme mountaineer Thomas Huber was invited to talk about the „analogy between mountain and profession“.
  • In 2014 Prof. Dr. Gertrud Höhler, publicist and consultant, held a lecture titled „innovation starts with leadership“.
  • Brother Paulus, guardian of the Capuchin Convent „Liebfrauen“ in Frankfurt am Main was invited in 2013. In his lecture titled “Heart Detergent”, he explained how the Ten Commandments liberate the mind and pave the way for success.


Marketing Lecture

Within the framework of a marketing lecture, current issues of general interest are ompetently and realistically dealt with by internationally renowned experts. These can be for instance: motivation, innovation, diversity or the role of the internet in our society. In recent years, we had the privilege to welcome the following personalities:

  • In 2016, blogger and internet expert Sascha Lobo, explored the topic surrounding the web and how it changes sour society. He focused especially on changes for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • In the year prior to that, Business Coach Anne M. Schüller was our guest. In her lecture, the audience learnt step by step about loyality marketing can bring lasting success to a business.
  • In 2014, Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump of the Institute for Occupation and Employability IBE, Ludwigshafen, gave a talk on the following topic: „The younger generation in an ageing society: Generation Y versus Generation Baby Boomer?“.
  • Dr. Michael Bartl, Hyve AG in Munich, talked in 2013 about the change in innovation models in a digital age.