Exhibiting Options

You have come to the right place; booth package, dimensions and print specifications – all the details are here.

Your Booth Package
The exhibition and its booths are built in the typical SEPAWA honeycomb shape.
€ 2,500

A booth package contains the following:

  • basic structure incl. 4 – 5 white walls (depending on location)
  • 3 spotlights
  • 1 high table with 2 bar stools (alternatively: 1 table with 2 chairs)
  • power connection
  • WIFI access
  • 2 Exhibitor Tickets
  • 2 Lunch Coupons per Exhibitor Ticket
  • 5 Snack Coupons per Exhibitor Ticket
  • 1 Company Entry Advanced

We are happy to take your booking via order form.

Prices plus VAT where applicable.

Please Note:

Exhibitors receive two free exhibitor tickets per booth package. Additional exhibitor tickets cannot be purchased.

Please book additional tickets through the (delegate) registration.

Booth Type and Dimensions

Here you get an overview of the available booth types and dimensions.



Width: 2,390 mm

Depth: 1,690 mm

Height: 2,500 mm



Width: 3,815 mm

Depth: 2,030 mm

Height: 2,500 mm


Double Option 1

Width: 4,780 mm

Depth: 1,690 mm

Height: 2,500 mm


Double Option 2

Width: 4,780 mm

Depth: 1,690 mm

Height: 2,500 mm


Triple Option 1

Width: 7,170 mm

Depth: 1,690 mm

Height: 2,500 mm


Triple Option 2

Width: 7,170 mm

Depth: 1,690 mm

Height: 2,500 mm



Width: 2.575 mm

Depth: 1.690 mm

Height: 2.500 mm

Booth Design

A direct printing on the booth walls is possible. Our booth builder will assist you.

Deadline: 25.08.2017

Printing Specifications

For the SEPAWA Congress we use two different types of booth construction systems. These vary only in final height. Please check which booth type has been allocated to you before producing any graphics.

This information is stated at your original contract.